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Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed.


出版日期 / “教育, 明星” / 语言—English / 94页
This document highlights Mr. Donald Marshall’s experiences as a REM driven clone at the cloning center(s) when he is unwillingly activated as a REM driven clone version of himself through the process of consciousness transfer from his original body to his REM driven clone located at a remote location at the above ground cloning center in Canada whenever Mr. Marshall sleeps and reaches REM sleep in his original body. This document allows the reader to have a further source of reference... 更多
Just read it. Every word in this whistle-blowing document is true, and it contains the most important information to ever reach the internet. This document is written to empower the good people of the world against the tyranny which exists all around us in our world today. Effectively, the document presented here discloses concealed information regarding the extent to which medicine, science and technology has advanced in our current era. Read/Print/Share/Download 更多

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