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EASYUNI Ultimate University Guide 2013

Issue 2

出版日期 / “教育, 教育” / 语言—English / 68页
With this Guide, we’ve stayed committed to our vision of improving the way students and parents choose universities and courses. We have been doing this right from the beginning through our website, www.easyuni.com. With a physical magazine like this Guide, we have broaden the horizons of our exposure to more readers, be they students or parents, who still fi nd accessing online information somewhat challenging. 更多
Taking a decision about your future is not very simple, it requires intensive research and some strong decision making skills. Am I choosing the right course, will I get a job after I graduate, should I do what I love doing, will I be able to manage my budgets? These questions are always relevant to students who are planning to pursue their higher education and easyuni's guidebook is an attempt to answer a few of these questions. This guidebook is another step forward to improve the entire exper 更多

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