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ECOality Magazine

Tribute Issue, Issue 2, December 2014

出版日期 / “文学, 文学” / 语言—English / 32页
This special edition of ECOality Magazine is a tribute to the special bonds we share with our animal companions, both those we have lost and those who continue to help us, like Buddy, who works with Veterans at the VA Medical Clinic. We also focus on how our views towards animals can impact our environmental actions. *For a FREE issue, all 32 pages, refer to the link on I want this tribute issue to be available to everyone! 更多
Not just a literary magazine, Not just a genre magazine, Literary and genre together, unified by themes meant to enlighten & inspire environmental change. ECOality Magazine is a environmental magazine featuring short fiction, poetry, and reflections on nature. We explore ideality versus reality while we consider morality and spirituality in the hopes to discover how environmental solutions will not only save the planet but also foster peace and equality to make the planet a happier place. 更多
标签: photography · love · animals · literary · veterans · poems · tribute · loss · essays

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