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Fashion Odds

( JUNE 16', Issue 22.)

出版日期 / “时尚, 时尚” / 语言—English / 88页
Showcasing some people of influence, highlighting stylist Corey Parker, and producer Jon Favreau about THE JUNGLE BOOK.Fashion Odds is the voice of today’s socially active, continuously connected, digital advocates who demand the newest, hottest, leading edge products, trends and experiences. 更多
Fashion Odds is an online fashion and entertainment monthly magazine that established in January 2012 in the Twin Cities of MN. We embrace the uniqueness (oddness) of young one's fashion, entertainment styles and how fashion and entertainment illuminate their lifestyle. By embracing the "oddness", we believe that fashion and entertainment are ways “of saying who you are without having to speak"-Rachel Zoe. These two motives drive us to inspire our audience with "ODD" fashion & entertainment. 更多

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