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August 2021 - Anything Goes

出版日期 / “民族与文化, 生活方式” / 语言—English / 74页
Artist/activist Mark Harris is pushing boundaries and igniting conversations with his art. Learn about compassion and how to create an unbucket list. We visit Tokyo and make a return trip to Riot Fest during the punk rock days. Get beauty and leadership tips and make a plan for any bonus money coming your way. Meet man's best friend and be enlightened about why we should embrace our emotions. Matchmaker advice, words that led to courage, and ideas to help you find inner peace. 更多
Fete Lifestyle Magazine features a global view on food, fashion, beauty, sports, personalities, events, travel and entertainment. We aim to provide our readers with relevant information on all cultural levels that resonates and inspires. The Fete Lifestyle is characterized as innovative, creative, flexible and informative. 更多

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