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Game Changers: The Conscious Culture

3 Year Anniversary Edition

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I am a 39 year old father of five. I worked most of my life in the food industry. I gave myself a five year plan to be a General Manager at a popular Fast food chain. I needed to learn the systems, the ins and outs of running a multi million dollar company. So i took the challenge head on. I achieved my goal in 3.5 years and stayed on to gain the experience. After working tireless hours to make the place better and raising yearly profits i decided it was time to try and do this for myself. 更多
STREETZ OF GENTLEMEN presents GAME CHANGERS: The Conscious Culture at McDonough, GA’s JAZZY BROWNS McDonough GA – There’s an army rising with an inner sense of pride toward action, effective change, entertainment, and economic empowerment, also known as Game Changers: The Conscious Culture; a community effort sponsored by Streetz of Gentlemen. The Streetz of Gentlemen’s work throughout the city has been described as transforming and revolutionizing. From street ministry, to suit drives, the cul 更多
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