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Cold Pain Therapy Market

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Cold Pain Therapy market size should witness significant growth due to rising incidences of sports injuries across the globe. As per CDC, an average of around 8.6 million individuals aged 5 years and above are affected with sports and recreational injuries annually in the U.S. between 2011 and 2014 which further results in pain and fuels the demand for products such as ice packs, patches, wraps, gels and ointments over the coming few years. 更多
Growing public apprehensiveness pertaining to aesthetic appearance will drive scar treatment market growth. Scars result as a consequence of the natural healing process of the body in response to tissue damage caused by various factors such as accidental injuries, cuts during surgical procedures, burns, scalds, injections, and tattoos. Side effects of scarring such as post- traumatic stress, emotional trauma, loss of self-esteem, pain, itching and tenderness will boost treatment adoption over th 更多