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Hurtle the Turtle


出版日期 / “儿童, 儿童” / 语言—English / 24页
Written by Mick Palmer, illustrated by the super talented Marnie Jay. Mick Palmer is an Alderman on the Darwin City Council, a former Member of the NT Legislative Assembly and Minister in the NT Government. He has long written nonsense verse as a source of self-amusement unfortunately, much of which is not fit for publication. The writing of Hurtle the Turtle came about through exasperation at not being able to find unusual or special Christmas presents for his grandkids. 更多
The story regales a serious conversation the author once had with his two-year-old granddaughter. With heartfelt sincerity, she asked her Pop why he was so round across his tummy. Pop convincingly told her he’d swallowed a baby turtle whilst swimming and it had grown because of all the jellyfish he ate. Seemingly well satisfied with such a logical explanation, the young granddaughter took it upon herself with great authority, to explain this fact to everyone else. 更多
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