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Volume-3 Issue-2

出版日期 / “教育, 网络编程” / 语言—English / 30页
As another college term comes to an end, we, the IEEE Byte team, bring back to you another edition of SPIT’s technical magazine for the year 2017-2018. With machines becoming more human-like and constant debate as to what it’s outcome would be, we make an effort to delve deeper into ML, automations, humanoids and digital assistants. We’ve sought to unravel the technology behind Netflix. Also you’ll find some insights about big data, GPUs and graphics. Happy reading! 更多
With the world bowing down to the ever-changing and evolving nature of technology and science, we make an effort of exploring some latest trends of it. We delved deeper into some cliche tech-terms like AI and VR, and some concepts like malware, bitcoins and databases. Also you’ll find some insights about what e-commerce thrives on, semiconductor technology, the LIGO and the Eyetap. 更多

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