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NTU Internship_v023

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What’s in an NTU Internship? Why Internship? Credit-bearing vs Non-credit bearing Internships? Internship vs. Employment Internship for International Students Preparing for an Internship NTU Internship Schedule NTU Internship Process Overseas Internship Internship Policy in Brief Contact Information About NTU Career & Attachment Office 更多
Internship e-Publication for NTU An NTU Internship is much more than an opportunity to work. It is a learning and development setting that enables you to apply the knowledge and skills learned in NTU in the practical world of work. The internship experience, as a whole, provides you with opportunities to intentionally explore, develop and deepen skills in the real-world. It will most certainly help you to make informed career choices and facilitate your transition from school to industry. 更多