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Journey of Hope - 2019

JOH 2019

出版日期 / “社会焦点, 社会焦点” / 语言—English / 32页
Stories about Central Asia Institute’s efforts on to promote education and livelihood skills, especially for girls and women, in the remote regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. Over the past 23 years, Central Asia Institute has helped hundreds of thousands of girls and boys access education. 更多
Inside these pages, you’ll find a fantastic array of stories, articles, and photographs that will take you on a journey—one that will bring to life the transformative power of education. You’ll read and see how education and livelihoods (jobs) training are creating opportunities where none existed before and helping to solve complex problems long considered impossible to tackle. Most importantly, you’ll learn how your support is making a difference. 更多
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