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Kakcho Stay Trendy

Kakcho Stay Trendy Vol 1

出版日期 / “时尚, 时尚” / 语言—English / 132页
All you need to know about our first edition With that we break the stereotype of “fashion for gender” and provide you with some ideas on FASHION AND ANDROGYNY- through lookbooks. #Some quick 5-minutes hairstyle for every hair type that is quick and easy. #Fashion radar- tips on what to everywhere by our wonderful stylists. #Beauty recipes to look beautiful and fresh every day all day, again by our experts. #All the men out there you don’t need to hide your love for jewelry; here we bring yo 更多
What do you look for in a fashion magazine? The latest fashion trends, about your favourite star’s looks in movies, for promotions, their airport looks, and the new upcoming collection by the designers and fashion brands, etc. but you will agree that this drags us back to our imaginary world of dressing up the same way someday, also making us realise the fact that how expensive this branded stuff is. 更多
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