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Landlord Voice Magazine

November 2015 - Edinburgh

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In addition to the latest landlord news, views and expert opinions, this month Landlord Voice visits Edinburgh. When you think about great capital cities such as London, Paris and New York, along with the usual glamour and excitement, you also picture sky-high living costs, crime and long hours at work. It may be surprising to know, then, that Scotland’s capital has been rated best place to live in the UK in a new quality of life index. 更多
Landlord Voice magazine is dedicated to all those with an interest in the private-rented sector and their views and opinions. Each month our dedicated team of experts on all things property-related will be working to bring you the latest developments on the big issues regarding landlords, help you out with practical buy-to-let business tips and bring you useful insights about the best areas to invest in rental property. 更多

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