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Malevolent Magazine

Issue #2 May/June 2014

出版日期 / “电影, 电影” / 语言—English / 74页
Featuring a Special Photo Shoot and Interview with Melantha Blackthorne! Scream Queens Jessica Cameron, Chanel Ryan, Genoveva Rossi, Melanie Robel and Deborah Funes! Plus, Filmmakers Jason Hull, Jason Wright, Jeremiah Kipp and Max Cerchi! 更多
Malevolent Magazine is the monthly Horror Magazine featuring the best in Indie Horror! Exclusive Interviews with actors, actresses and filmmakers, Movie Reviews by SJ Lykana and Emory Slone, "A Day In The Life Of A Scream Queen" by Genoveva Rossi, Top 5 From The Bunker by Jay K and much more! 更多

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