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Massage & Fitness Magazine

Summer 2019

出版日期 / “健康与健身, 教育” / 语言—English / 60页
Massage therapists tend to focus on muscles, bones, and joints when it comes to understanding pain and movement. In the last ten years, however, many are gradually shifting toward the nervous and endocrine systems and psychosocial factors that influence our health. This issue not only dedicates to the neurobiology of touch—including our skin—but also patients’ expectations and touch with social context. 更多
Many patients & client seek massage therapy for pain relief, yet our profession's understanding of pain and touch is lacking. That's why our stories focus on these topics, including exercise and communication, to help us explain & understand what we're doing & why we feel pain. These are complex topics, and we're here to tackle it. 更多
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