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April 2018

出版日期 / “奢侈品, 生活方式” / 语言—English / 166页
Well that was a very busy month! Truly spectacular I must say! I think my poor car has never seen so many miles with all this travel to business meetings all over the country (UK) and mostly in Newcastle for the new International Film Festival (NIFF). From watching this fabulous event evolve for over a year to attending the opening and the red carpet award ceremony, it was truly a privilege to attend and meet most of the winners (see my write up on p86). 更多
MilliOnAir magazine showcases influencers, entrepreneurs, and celebrities, alongside new & established luxury brands. The exquisite quality and timelessness of the magazine keeps the readership high and ensures longevity of advertising campaigns and is viewed by over 1 million individuals per issue. With cutting-edge cross-media opportunities and global distribution, we offer advertisers tailored & effective campaigns. ‘’Bringing people + Brands together''. 更多

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