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Modern Business Magazine

August 2016

出版日期 / “商业, 商业” / 语言—English / 70页
Today we are living longer; we are the best educated, the healthiest generation in the history of the world and in the Western world as affluent as we have ever been. However, this poses the question - how do we best capitalise on this unique position to improve our own lives and those around us? Can we turn our success into significance and in so doing leave a legacy for the future generations? 更多
Since 2009, Modern Business Magazine is the magazine written “by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs”. In the spirit of paying it forward, every author has kindly donated their time and expertise without thought of return. Boasting exceptionally high quality information, tips and advice, every issue is packed with unparalleled levels of value added content giving you the systems and strategies that make you and your business smarter. Best of all, it’s completely free and open to everyone! 更多

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