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Modern Tango World

N° 3 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

出版日期 / “音乐, 艺术” / 语言—English / 52页
Buenos Aires/Rosario Special Edition Editor: Martin Delgado Buenos Aires/Rosario Special Features Circuits of Milongas, Gustavo Ameri 3 What’s happening in Buenos Aires? Fabio Rodriguez 6 Success is to Live Life Dancing Pablo Inza 10 Guide to Buenos Aires Tango 14 Guide to Rosario Tango 20 Movements, Julia Juliati 22 Interview with Max Masri, Martin Delgado 26 The Dynamics of Tango , Alexandru Eugen Cristea 29 New Tango Music Arndt Büssing 32 Alba Sollis: Tango Diva 更多
Modern Tango World is the only English language international tango magazine in the world - a cross-platform magazine delivered both in print and on-line. 更多

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