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Moto by GPI

Qatar Edition 01.2013

出版日期 / “职业体育, 汽车—专业 ” / 语言—English / 134页
Welcome to our first edition of Moto by GPI. A sister publication to the popular, well supported and constantly evolving Grand Prix International F1 digest. We cover all the action from the high octane world of MotoGP racing. Our unique style of motorsport coverage persists: reports, news, interviews, stats, results, analysis and our trademark use of great pictures. No pontificating, no editorialising but all the facts packaged in a visual feast starting with Qatar. 更多
Moto by GPI provides illustrated coverage of the MotoGP races during the course of the season. Interviews, reports, analysis, stats, results and great photography packaged in an electronic e-magazine digest for motorsport fans. 更多

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