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Naleighna Kai's Literary Cafe Magazine

Father's Day Tributes

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Well, when I thought we couldn’t top the Mother’s Day Issue of Naleighna Kai’s Literary Café Magazine … guess what? We did. The Father’s Day Issue, even with the challenges we faced, is phenomenal (if I do say so myself). The articles are a testament to good, strong, and courageous men. In keeping with the theme and vibe, this issue is totally designed by the graphic master himself—J. L. Woodson. Be sure to share the magazine with friends and book clubs. 更多
Naleighna Kai's Literary Café Magazine focuses on articles, intimate chats, reviews, tips for aspiring writers and published authors, literary events, health and fitness, and a world of issues that mattered to my reading audience. This would be the perfect complement to the online group where we're hosting a series of chats and telephone conferences with authors you know and love, as well as others you should get to know. 更多

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