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Outubro 2020

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Guitar Bridge Hand (Reed) guitar and Bass (indicator and medium) We will have the junction of the string of loose strings E A - E A D The study is on 5/4 played on Tecina (3 notes per time Mão da ponte para guitarra ( palheta ) violão e Baixo ( indicador e médio ) Vamos ter a junção da sequencia de cordas soltas E A - E A D O estudo esta em 5/4 tocado em Tecina ( 3 notas por tempo) 更多
The Musical Train It is part of the series of lessons recorded in the pandemic for a student at Estação Cultura in the city of Catanduva-sp while I write we are already producing class 32, in Master Class II I made a compilation of my authorship for guitar and bass in that class 29 I wrote in this technical article for hand of the bridge see in the descriptions how you should train and I advise you to train together with YouTube the address is in the method 更多