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Caged (Overkill #29)

出版日期 / “文学” / 语言—English / 28页
Overkill created this issue that functioned as a program for the production "Caged," brought to you by Student Experimental Theatre and the Young Feminist Leadership Alliance. Caged is a series of monologues, poems, and movement pieces centered around the experiences and struggles of female-identifying individuals. 更多
We are Allegheny College’s underground alternative publication. Founded in April 2008, Overkill publishes two to three issues per semester distributed in unexpected places around campus. Like in the Brooks Hall chandelier. In vending machines. On a statue’s lap. In the mouth of the Gator. Overkill has developed a design and attitude unlike anything the college has ever encountered, stirring up humor, deep thought and controversy with the written and artistic talents of the Allegheny student body 更多