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Parliamentary Forum for Democracy News

June, 2013

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Inside This Issue 1 TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE BY MATYAS EÖRSI 6 WINDS OF CHANGE AND JUSTICE IN TUNISIA, A COUNTRY ALSO IN TRANSITION BY HANNEKE GEDERBLOM-LANKHOUT 11 TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE: LITHUANIA„S EXPERIENCEBY DOMAS PETRULIS 14 JUSTICE DURING TRANSITIONAL PERIOD. LITHUANIA„S EXPERIENCE BY AGNĖ BILOTAITĖ 18 Upcoming Events The Parliamentary Forum for Democracy was invited for the second time to Tunisia on 14 June to share parliamentary experiences, both theoretical and practical about transitional justice with encouraged, enthusiastic young participants of the Tunisian School of Politics. The Parliamentary Forum delegation consisted of current and former parliamentarians from European Union countries - Members of the Lithuanian Parliament Agnė Bilotaitė and Domas Petrulis, a former member of the Netherlands Senate and the Board Member of the Justice Sector Development Institute Hanneke Gelderblom-Lankhout, and PFD Secretary General and a former member of the Hungarian Parliament Matyas Eörsi. 更多
Parliamentary Forum for Democracy is an organization of members and former members of parliament which exists to strengthen democracy in the member states of the Community of Democracies and to promote democratic development in other states. It pursues these goals by sharing best practices of successful democracies, identifying challenges to democracy in nascent democracies, and expressing solidarity with fellow members of parliament and democracy advocates in non-democracies. 更多