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Pet Life SnipPET, New Zealand

Issue 2 : June 2016

出版日期 / “动物与宠物, 动物与宠物” / 语言—English / 12页
More free pet giveaways including articles on the correct diet for your rabbit and whether to cover your horse in cooler temperatures. Check out the details for a fundraising event co-hosted by Cat Rescue Christchurch and Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue. Also go in the draw to win a pet portrait by Jackie Kiddle of Pets by Pencil. 更多
Pet Life Ltd is a New Zealand based pet magazine covering all aspects of pet care. Every quarter we print 10,000 magazines which are distributed nationwide via vet clinics, pet store and libraries. Our monthly SnipPETS are published to complement our main publication Pet Life Magazine. 更多
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