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Phenomz Magazine

Nov. 2014

出版日期 / “当地, 音乐” / 语言—English / 22页
Each year GPME Group in conjunction with affiliates and sponsors such as Two22 Radio app, Hk Studios and other companies, release the Phenomz Desert Reign Award giving 4-5 recipients the title of the Kings of Hip Hop in their residing state. Phenomz Magazine November Edition features the 1st ever reward recipients, Hannibal Leq, Bucc Rogers, Dash Money, & Jalahl Jr. These artist are also given a live concert held November 13th at School of Rock. This editions Featured model is Stephanie Sotelo. 更多
Phenomz Magazine is a short magazine made to inspire. Similar to a short story or a quick video, it's not made to capture the readers attention for hours and indulge into other's lives. This magazine is simply made to tell an inspiring story, motivate the reader, and let them get back to working toward their dreams and goals, as a Phenom should! 更多

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