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Plumbing Africa

September 2017

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With all the information we could possibly want, at our fingertips, why do we keep setting it aside? Have we become desensitised to the multiple flows of information that inundates us each day? I think yes, we have. But is it right? I think no; we cannot evade the information that we need to function correctly as responsible professionals. The whole world seems to be bursting at the seams with information, blogs, articles, social media platforms, and people telling you how to run your business. 更多
From trench to tap: Plumbing Africa incorporates every aspect of drainage, sanitation, sewerage, sanitaryware, brassware and pipe work from both a civil and a domestic point of view. The focus is on the ever-changing technology that is available to the Plumbing Industry in South Africa. This monthly publication, together with The Plumber, a daily reference guide to installation techniques & standards, also educates its on the use of these products. 更多

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