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PROBASHI- A Cultural News Magazine

Volume I Issue 2

出版日期 / “民族与文化, 民族与文化” / 语言—English / 36页
PHOTOGRAPHY CORNER Capturing the Oriental White Eye CITY BEAT Agra: Remembering the architect Faridabad: Miles to Go.. Kos Minars on the Mathura Road Kolkata: Dead men tell tales at the Park Street Cemetery CULTURESCAPE How Vivekananda influenced Jamshedji Tata and JD Rockefeller WORST TEN Ten national disgraces MYTHOLOGY Eklavya: Unparallel reverence for the teacher INTERVIEW Smt Protima Mukherjee: Long innings as a painter PARAM VIR CHAKRA WINNERS Leading from the front: Major Sharma TECHNOLOGY The world’s largest classroom Thank God there are absent minded Professors REAL LIFE INSPIRING STORIES Dashrath Majhi: 22 years to make a road Feature Book Review Cuisine: President Obama’s dinner with Mahatma Gandhi READER’S CONTRIBUTION Jibanananda Das: Tagore’s successor as Poet laureate of Bengal Guru Granth Sahib: The Living Guru The eerie coincidence: Lincoln v/s Kennedy तेरा कर्म ही जाएगा (poem) তিন স্বপ্ন বা তিন সত্যি (poem) কবি প্রণাম (poem) दुल्हन ही दहेज़ है (poem) City of Gaur : The first capital of Bengal জালিয়ান ওয়ালা বাগ অভ্যুদয় Behind every trigger is a human being Incredible Tripura eCourts- Justice goes Digital Subhash Chandra Bose(Sketch) TINY TOTs घमंडी हाथी Magic Brush 更多

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