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SA Affordable Housing

January - February 2020 // ISSUE: 80

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The City of Cape Town is looking at developing an ‘inclusionary housing’ policy for new developments in the city, which may set a precedent for the rest of the country. Whether based on race or class, South Africa remains a segmented country. It is also facing a housing affordability crisis. The lack of socio-economic integration means that the best land is reserved for wealthy population groups who can afford to live close to good jobs, schools and hospitals. Increasingly, poor and working clas 更多
SA Affordable Housing is a unique publication that is dedicated entirely to the subject of affordable housing in South Africa today. We address topics and issues relating directly to rural and urban infrastructure planning and development and the delivery of affordable housing. SA Affordable Housing does not support any view that lends itself to the construction of new shacks and slums. 更多

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