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Savoir Faire

Finger Lakes Issue

出版日期 / “生活方式, 生活方式” / 语言—English / 78页
The 2019 Savoir Faire Finger Lakes Shoot out Attendees! Amanda Bourne, Kristyna Wavrova, Lesslee King, Charly Swiger, Julie Marie, Jenna Quinn, Sammy Jo Myers, Heloise De Gouveia, Katarina Cruz 更多
Savoir Faire - The Definition of the word simply means " A well-spoken man". As I said these words to myself over and over again, It made me think, "What kind of life would the well-spoken man have?" And so a brainstorm session began and a brand new digital publication was launched! So, Answer the question? What would a well-spoken man's life be like? Reading an issue of Savoir Faire Magazine will give you the answers! 更多
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