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Savoir Faire

Winter 2020

出版日期 / “生活方式” / 语言—English / 60页
Savoir Faire Magazine is the introduction and inside look at the life of a Well-Spoken Man and the many layers of him! From Business, Travel, Style, Food & Drink, Entertainment, Luxury, and Women.  Featured in this issue: Leland and Jamie Chapman (Cover), Lahoucine El Omri (Model), Irina Miller (Actress & Model), Also featured in this issue are the attendees from the Finger Lakes Shootout in 2019! 更多
Savoir Faire - The Definition of the word simply means " A well-spoken man". As I said these words to myself over and over again, It made me think, "What kind of life would the well-spoken man have?" And so a brainstorm session began and a brand new digital publication was launched! So, Answer the question? What would a well-spoken man's life be like? Reading an issue of Savoir Faire Magazine will give you the answers! 更多

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