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School Lunches, Are They Good or Not?

Dec. 2012

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The school lunches claim to provide and serve students with nutritional and healthy lunches that are good for their bodies. But, lets face it, many lunches these days aren't as nutritional as they were back then. Now with the new school lunch system that was provided by Michelle Obama, school lunches might've actually gotten better. Or are they making children more unhealthy and obese? 更多
The school lunch program claims to be helping children by giving them good lunches filled with protein, vitamins, and nutrients.But, lets face it, many school lunches these days most of the time do not contain the right nutrients for our body. But, now that has changed with the new system that Michelle Obama has put into act. So, now with the new system, is it making our bodies more healthy? Or will we all become unhealthy and obese because of this? Find out more by reading the magazine! 更多
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