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Skidmark Skatemag


出版日期 / “冲浪, 职业体育” / 语言—English / 64页
Garrett Ginner Lands the Cover for Skidmark #36. He has a 14 page interview filled with the best questions and bangers you like. Mark Almaguer Pivots to Fakies his way onto the Contents page, #BossKidRules makes a appearance somewhere rad, SlumLot Diy coverage #slumlotdiy, Motorcycle Maniac Jon Grover, Zarosh's Chachaqualand Down Hill Dirt Board Race with Street obstacles. Product Reviews, Berdels Shop of The Month, David Sanchez Tre-Flips over onto Spare Frame's. 更多
Skidmark Skatemag is a skateboarding magazine that covers skateboarding, art, music, events and funny stuff. 更多

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