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Skidmark Skatemag


出版日期 / “冲浪, 职业体育” / 语言—English / 56页
Connor Noll lands a bean plant hurricane and takes the cover for Skidmark #38. Dave Mull hops our of a car and front boards the gnarliest curved ledge making it the two page contents spread. Bill's Wheels host another Fajita Ramp Jam. Some highlights from the Beeble Bowl on 4th of July party. Stale Phish gets a record review from the one and only Greg Harbour. Super stoked for Pancho Pacheco's 10 page interview. Future Prospect Rafael Perez and Motorcycle Maniac Nate Young and more..... 更多
Skidmark Skatemag is a skateboarding magazine that covers skateboarding, art, music, events and funny stuff. 更多

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