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Volume 9, Issue 3

出版日期 / “教育” / 语言—English / 36页
This Sampler provides a selection of lessons covering certain complexities & challenges of peacekeeping operations, including: protecting peacekeepers, reducing violence, optimizing robustness, conducting strategic communications, advancing inclusive mediation, managing transitions, and improving environmental impacts. Along with the lessons, this document also provides annexes with additional insights and resources on peacekeeping. 更多
The general structure of the “Sampler” includes (1) an Introduction that provides an operational or doctrinal perspective for the content, (2) the Sampler “Quick Look” that provides a short description of the topics included within the Sampler and a link to the full text, (3) the primary, topic-focused Stability Operations (SO)-related Lessons Learned Report, and (4) links to additional reports and other references that are either related to the “focus” topic or that address current, real-world, 更多

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