Sophomore Seminar Narratives Spring 2019 点击阅读
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Sophomore Seminar Narratives

Spring 2019

出版日期 / “文学, 文学” / 语言—English / 36页
Inside this issue you'll read stories from Northern New Hampshire and beyond. Students connected with the elderly to tell their stories in a fun and creative way. These stories helped students to connect more deeply to their community. Students also learned some valuable lessons from these stories. 更多
Each semester, our sophomores interview the elderly to learn their stories and turn them into written narratives. The students use plot, dialogue, character development, and other aspects of narrative to share the story of their interviewee and the lesson they learned from that story. Many of our stories come from members of the Colonel Town Luncheon Group in Lancaster, New Hampshire. You'll see photos of our students and their interviewees alongside their narratives. Please enjoy and subscribe! 更多