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Spiritually Connected Magazine

Issue 1

出版日期 / “宗教, 宗教” / 语言—English / 30页
Inside this issue, we focus on the power of prayer. 8. Inspiration -challenging your fears, 10. podcast-The importance of using your talents, 16 Teaching videos on prayer, 17. Mission focus, 19. Beauty for ashes - Finding love in a destroy marriage, 20. Diet- 3 pro's and Con's of juicing, 21. Fitness - Hiking for beginners, 22. Teen vibe - Self-discipline in teens, 24. Entertainment- 5 facts about gospel music, 28. Therapeutic art- praying in color 更多
Spiritually Connected is the Christian lifestyle magazine that lets you look at ways to improve your spiritual life. We provide great articles to inspire, transform, help you grow spiritually and so much more... 更多

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