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出版日期 / “艺术, 艺术” / 语言—English / 88页
Cover story of this last issue is the exhibition Susana Pilar. Un chino de paso por Venecia, camino a Cuba curateb by Laura Salas Redondo at ICI Venice - Magazzino del Caffè in Venice. You can find also great news about T-Yong Chung, Adrian Paci, Juan Sandoval, Ornaghi e Prestinari.... 更多
Startup is a new free interactive digital magazine enriched with interactive elements such as video, audio and plugins providing in this way a new approach to experience contemporary art and culture as well as sociology. The magazine cooperates with most qualified critics, curators, writers, sociologists, artists to offer an high-quality product with an easy language to include a general audience. 更多

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