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The Aviation Magazine

No 48 January - February 2017

出版日期 / “划船与飞行, 摄影” / 语言—English / 90页
This is first issue for 2017, but still features events from 2016, such as military exercises, air shows and related events from Austria Airpower 16, Airshow London from Canada, NATO Days from Czech Republic, Creil AB from France, Bray International from Republic of Ireland, Malta International Airshow, Miroslawiecz Open Days from Poland, Black Sea Knights from Romania and the New York and Reno Airshows from the USA. See warbirds, jets, and other aircraft from worldwide events. 更多
The Aviation Magazine is the trend setter aviation related magazine that features air shows, military exercises, air base visits, pilots and historical events since 2009. No hype, just great photography from aviation events worldwide. Subscribe and visit our website and Facebook page to like us. 更多

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