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The Business Navigator

Issue 1

出版日期 / “商业, 商业” / 语言—English / 24页
As you flip through these pages, you will find articles on Hiring, Managing, Organizational Growth, and Leadership as well as other current and relevant issues organizations are facing. I encourage you to share your copy of The Business Navigator Magazine with the leaders and managers in your organization as it contains valuable insights for everyone. 更多
Our mission is to provide our readers with "hands-on" tips and valuable insights derived from real-world experience in a quick and to the point format. Business owners and managers often become so consumed by working in the business that they forget to stop and work on the business. My team and I set out to create a highly valuable magazine, one that provides an opportunity to take a moment away from the day to day operations and "sharpen the saw", as Stephen Covey would say. 更多