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The Discerner Magazine

February 2017 - Issue 11

出版日期 / “艺术” / 语言—English / 20页
Discover wonderful art works by Scott McLachan, Andy Davey, Gillian Hyland, Thomas Strumpel, Lou Hamilton, Caia Matheson, Michelle Hold, Annie Darling, Christopher Engel, Marianne Hill, Zbigniew Blaje 更多
The Discerner magazine is a chic and interactive publication that follows the “white cube” format of most of the contemporary art galleries, to show remarkable art works on an uncluttered background. In addition to offering artists the privilege to own a space to display their latest work as they would do in a traditional gallery, The Discerner is making an extraordinary use of the new technology. Trolleys support each work as a link to our online gallery, to facilitate potential purchases. 更多

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