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The District Magazine

Vol. 2 Issue 5, Winter 2017-18

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Giving Matters, Humility is Priceless, Suits & Sneaks, StartUp, Tampa General Hospital Foundation, Giving More Than You Take, Benefits of Volunteering, Boost Your Self-Image, Banket Tampa Bay, A Selfless Act, Meet The Humane Society of Tampa bay Again, Adoptable Pets, Six Steps to Help Your Pet's Separation Anxiety, Party for a Purpose, 13 Ugly men 更多
Tampa's Only Urban Dwelling Magazine focused on LIVE-WORK-PLAY throughout out Channel District, Downtown, Harbour Island, The Heights and Ybor. Our mission is to tell the stories regarding the people, businesses, and communities within Tampa's Urban Dwelling Districts; while shining a spotlight on the arts and culture. district, noun dis.trict \'dis-(,)trikt\ :an area or section that has some special characteristic or purpose : a region or locality marked by a distinguishing feature 更多

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