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The European Union in Prophecy

The EU in Prophecy I

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Millennia before the reign of the first European monarch, spiritual forces engineered the rise of European thrones, also calculated the suppression of dissidence & incited merciless carnage. Although now paraded as an industrialised paragon of progress & self-made sophistication, this book elucidates on the enigmatic & clandestine alliances, decrees & dogmas that consolidated Eurocentricity & moulded modern civilisation. 更多
Providing insightful perspectives on the E.U. both as a political project in integration & transformation of an ancient order, this book focuses on aligned & centralised powers firmly resolved on unification. They conceived & instituted united kingdoms, united states & united nations, and still persevere in their efforts for a more robust & resilient E.U. prophetically recognising economic, military & religious supremacy as foretold. 更多