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出版日期 / “健康与健身, 健康与健身” / 语言—English / 24页
Stay healthy with natural remedies for cold and flu -echinacea, elderberry, oil of oregano and more. Use medicinal mushrooms like reishi to boost immunity and have long term health. Create a fungi and flowering garden you can use. Does a healthy gut lead to happiness and better mental health? Naturopathic doctor John Yim gives us the goods. Discover the best essential oils for colds and flu and how to use them. Make an Immune Boosting Smoothie or a Massaged Kale Salad with Tahini. 更多
The Herbal Collective promotes herbs and natural health with articles on herbal health, naturopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, herb gardening, herbal recipes, bodywork, natural therapiest, foods and supplements and much more. 更多
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