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The Knicknackery

Issue Six

出版日期 / “文学, 艺术” / 语言—English / 36页
A Knicknackery is a collection of small, eclectic things. So are we. Featuring writing by Mandala Laura, Melissa Nigro, Hal Y. Zhang, Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto, S.R. Aichinger, Kyle Heger, Laurie Kolp, Monica Nickolai, P.C. Vandall, Holly Walrath, Victoria Nordlund, James Croal Jackson, and Angela Ross Perfetti, and original art by Michelle Nguyen and David Weinholtz. 更多
A KNICKNACKERY IS A COLLECTION OF SMALL, ECLECTIC THINGS. SO ARE WE. We’re looking for work that plays jump rope with boundaries. We want to be told a good story; that is most important. We want your strange, your off-center, your under-appreciated, your greatest experiment. We prefer to be haunted. We aim to create a collection of well-crafted misfits worth putting on a shelf. 更多

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