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The NecroMech Dossier

Stitched August 2019

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Stitched! A European Adventure - The new No Man’s Land holds the key to lost family and friends, valuable art treasures, and if the rumors are true lots of gold bars! But even if the players know where to start do they really know what awaits them? And just what is the Special Operations Executive interest? 更多
NecroMech dark fantasy roleplaying game detailing an immersive, Dieselpunk game world, on the brink of burgeoning technology development driven by Gemstone Capacitors and Psytomatons. Includes six psychically-talented character classes (Qi Master, Shadow Weaver, Energy Adept, Meta Engineer, Reaper, and NecroMech), integrated reputation system, logical, easy to understand, d100/d10 encounter resolution system, and APTitude System for character advancement. Facebook: 更多
标签: adventure
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