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The Random Travellers Magazine

Issue 10 Volume 3

出版日期 / “度假, 度假” / 语言—English / 52页
Well, what a year it has been! There have been a great many challenges facing our fantastic staff during this difficult time but as we glimpse the light at the end of the Covid tunnel in this new year the team are working their socks off to make the most of all the opportunities that are coming. The wonderful staff of Random Travellers company will let very little hold them back though! So onwards and upwards fellow travelers! soon we shall be taking to the skies and visiting those dreamed about 更多
We are delighted to inform everyone that our e-magazine issues are designed to feature places to visit as well as must try food and adventures here in the Philippines and abroad. The magazine also includes features on "Do It Yourself" adventures, travel advice, marine conservation and work-life balance. 更多

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