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Tips for Aloe Vera drinkers!


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This program will help you to archieve a better fitness and wellness in 30 days: Vital 5 AS OUR LIVES BECOME BUSIER AND CONVENIENT CHOICES LIKE FAST FOODS OFTEN SEEM TO BE THE EASIEST SOLUTIONS, OUR BODIES CAN MISS OUT ON IMPORTANT VITAMINS AND MINERALS WE NEED TO MAINTAIN OUR HEALTH AND WELLNESS. Vital5® combines five amazing Forever products that work together to bridge nutritional gaps and provide key nutrients your body needs to help you look better and feel better. 更多
The Aloe Vera Company Forever Living Products has changes the Aloe Vera bottles from plastic to Tetrapak. With the new packaging we also stopped to use conservatives inside our Aloe Vera drinks: so here some tips for your customers to be sure that the product remains in his best state. For further questions contact Martina Hahn, Forever Living distributor since 2002. The link for the list of international online shops from Forever you can find in the pdf: just click on it. 更多

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