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1st Issue

出版日期 / “政治, 社会焦点” / 语言—English / 40页
You're single, or married and after a long work week, you decide that the only thing you need is a nice, hot, long...sex session. There's only one problem - the only thing stopping you from hooking up with the cutie on the corner is a fat, balding police officer across the street. We discuss the economics of prostitution (it really can help the economy, seriously), taxes that are just snatched for the hell of it, and sports, New York Uber hate and more! 更多
UrRepublic is a political magazine. We address public policy and our lens is titled towards socially liberal, yet fiscally smart solutions. We are dedicated to demonstrating that government does not have your interests in mind. We want you to ditch both the republican and democratic parties - they are two sides of the same coin. A full year subscription, gets 12-months of the magazine and all of our digital products (including video and audio). UrRepublic is libertarian thought, differently. 更多
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