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March 2018

出版日期 / “网络编程, 科学” / 语言—English / 32页
In first article “What to Expect in Digital Payments in 2018” we take a closer look at growth drivers of digital payments in 2018. In the second article “The Rise of China’s Cashless Society” we explore how it is becoming the leader in digital payments. Next, in “Mobile Money Interoperability” we discuss how interoperability benefits mobile money industry. And, finally, in “Moving towards a Mobile Money Revolution in Afghanistan” we turn our attention to Afghanistan’s mobile money industry. 更多
Vritti, literally “whirlpool” in Sanskrit, seems to resonate well with the constant innovation and disruption we see in the mobile financial landscape today. We felt that a dedicated publication would be an ideal vehicle to share our analysis of the latest trends, deep dive into a technology that is gaining momentum, understand the forces disrupting the industry and present our insights from the over 50 markets that we operate in today. Happy Reading! 更多
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