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African ChangeMakers Magazine - #ACMagazine

#ACMagazine Issue 2, August 2018

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#ACMagazine Issue 2, August 2018. #RebrandingAfrica. Rebranding Africa is a wake-up call for all African people, leadership, public/private organizations and African Diaspora to see and know that there are opportunities in Africa continent. There was an era when the western world rushed to Africa to empty all her natural resources, human resources, intellect, human dignity and stripe Africa naked of all her natural endowed glory to develop their countries. An integrated Africa is key to Africa s Mehr anzeigen
African Changemakers Magazine (#ACMagazine) is an online digital publication amplifying African leadership, ingenuity and social innovations in every communities, their impact both local and global. #ACMagazine is catalyst for empowerment and change, amplifying everything about African people, the continent, culture, economy and changing the narrative of Africa stories to the world. #ACMagazine quarterly magazine is published in May, August, November, February. Mehr anzeigen

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